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Opulence collection

Our most glitzy and showstopping dirac collection yet. Careful crystal beading placement atop stunning and luxurious fabric, gives the dirac a very subtle sheen that is beautiful and not too overpowering. Each dirac in this collection is named after a diamond or stone as was the inspiration for our most glam designs.

Bridal dirac

Ethereal collection

Elegant, refined and striking. This collection of modern diracs capture the transcendent beauty of the brides adorning it. With delicate beadwork and a regal train, this collection is a timeless retake on classic diracs in a variety of earthy and luscious tones.

Bridal dirac

Dainty collection

Hand-crafted using crystal and stunning iridescent beading with tactful placement; this collection was designed to create a luxe and whimisical feel for the bride. Featuring romantic pastel spring-summer ready colours, this collection is understated and gloriously feminine.

Bridal dirac

Bridal Guntiino collection

This collection has gorgeous and enticing beadwork patterns for wrapping into a guntiino or wearing as a dirac. The perfect design for brides after a fun and fashion-forward style that is also a staple bridal piece.



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Shop our new limited edition occasionwear diracs, available in Fransawi styles. Stunning styles picked for our customers to feel their most elegant at all events.

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